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Runaway llamas and other top Twitter favorites to follow

3/9/2015 at 11:32 am by

On February 26th, one of the coolest things happened on Twitter. On a day that seemed otherwise innocuous, Twitter absolutely EXPLODED with almost real-time coverage of . . . wait for it . . . llamas on the run!! The short version: two llamas escaped in a Phoenix retirement community and hilarity and chaos ensued for an hour. You could follow the action by checking out the hashtag #Llamasontheloose, and I can assure you that the spectacle supported all the reasons why the internet is fantastic. Videos, minute-by-minute coverage from people on-site, and hilarious jokes and opinions flowed freely. Seriously it was one of the funniest things I can remember of the past year.

Is there a worthwhile use of Twitter? Or is it just a place for frivolity and juvenile humor? (For anyone that follows me . . . please don’t answer that!)

The answer, of course, is both. There is so much great information being shared on Twitter that you really can’t afford to miss out on the action anymore. As an enticement to either start using Twitter or to use it more frequently, I present, in no particular order, six great Twitter follows:

  1. @BeschlossDC – This feed is a treasure trove of fantastic historical photos. From handwritten presidential letters to aerial pics of great cities like Chicago and New York City, it is a must-follow if you like historical information.
  2. @HarvardBiz – I always make time to check the latest blog posts and information they share. Just last week there was a fascinating article about how to follow up with an employee after a coaching conversation, a post about rethinking corporate governance, and a particularly interesting piece about how to help your team bounce back from a failure. I can’t recommend enough that you should take 15 minutes to read at least one of their links. You’ll be hooked!
  3. @LeadershipFreak – Ok, the name is kind of . . . whatever. I really like the quotes that Dan Rockwell shares to his following of over 250K users. He’s usually good for about a quote or opinion per hour, and almost every day I find one or two that hit home and make me rethink a decision or even change my outlook for the rest of the day.
  4. @CompactEquip – I was turned on to these guys while I was attending the World of Concrete show in February. If you’re in the construction industry and like information about equipment (and come on, who doesn’t want to know about cool equipment happenings, right?) this is the place to check out.
  5. @ConstructechMag – Constructech magazine focuses on the technology aspect of the construction industry, and is a good source of information for anyone. I really enjoyed their recent post about the changing role of women in the industry, and how to continue the progress (which is long overdue, in my humble view).
  6. @SKellyCEO – You thought I’d write about my favorite people to follow on Twitter and not include the CEO of the Sage Group? Never! All kidding aside, I really enjoy following my colleague Stephen Kelly’s timeline. He shares some really cool information that relates to small and medium business owners, and it’s really evident the passion that he has to help these businesses thrive. (As an added bonus, check out his appearance on Ed Kless’ podcast from January. Great discussion, compelling, and rich. Give my man Ed Kless a follow while you’re at it @edkless )

I’d highly recommend following everyone that I’ve mentioned. I make sure to check them out each day. Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

For Twitter updates from Sage Construction and Real Estate, follow us @SageConstruct.


About the Author

Blake Thompson is the e-Services Customer Support manager at Sage Construction and Real Estate.You can reach him at, or follow him on Twitter @sage_blake

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